A public space in the making.

A different angle on time

15 Queen Street meeting room


Following the groups request to invite someone who could talk about time from their professional angle, the group met with Lynne Pettinger who teaches and researches as a sociologist at Essex University and also runs her own project callednowaytomakealiving.

The decision was to have a public but informal evening where Lynne would present some historical relationships between time and labour, but also some observations on how time and traditionally female activities could be realted to hosting as a cultural activity.

We then brainstormed a long lsit of terms and issues to do with time and hosting:

Being on time

Finding a date

The whole ritual of how to invite someone:

Invite - rsvp - event - thank you

Social niceties

Not one ritual in a diverse society anymore

Time keeping

Dinner. Is it lunch or tea or supper? Who uses the term when?


What time is supper? What time is lunch?

Set times some people have lunch/tea/dinner/supper.

Eample of a lady hosting other ladies "Ladie's day" - everyone brings a dish.

Faith Supper - everyone brings a dish to share

Wine - hosting.

Cheese and Wine Party

Cocktail Party

There is a time and a place

Formal and informal occasions

It is time consuming to organise

Consuming time

Hosting always needs a venue, comfortable seats for the guests, etc.

Preparation time


"Come for 7 to start at 7.30."

Give out cards with ideas of what to do in your (spare/free) time

The 28 day course on how to do the one minute meditation

Group exercise: to estimate a silent minute. All are quite and say when they think the minute is over.



Counting one's pulse

Set dates in the calendar where people host others (birthdays, Christmas, etc)

Function rooms

Ideas for Colchster Inn:

To have a room where time stands still.

Time capsule

Time slot

Making a record of what has happened in the room / diary / timetable / guestbook

Events where the Time Bank is hosting: Strawberry Party

X mas party

Going for dinner together twice a year

Things you need for hosting: cups, plates, etc

Time to go - how to tell that time is up? Different ways of doing this.

Body Clock / the body to measure time : pulse/heart beat

Feeling hungry/thirsty

Blink of an eye


Time Span

Example of the "Mad Hatter Tea Party", everyone wears a mad hat and talks about hats. Went on for a year.

Red Hat Society

Other Ideas for Colchester Inn:

A knitted tea cosy as a roof

A TADIS ( time and relative distance/dimensions in space)

Hats - " I have a different hat on today" , " I have my hosting hat on"

Different hats for different professions/roles/

It s easy to get into character when wearing a hat.

Time Bank Hat

When you do work/help someone you take on particular roles/ wear a different hat,

e.g. helping someone to clear a room felt like service

sometimes wearing the gardeing hat

To host someone could earn you time credits. Difficulty is to match/coordinate those who would want to host and those who would appreciate being hosted.

Other idea for Colchester Inn:

A wardrobe full of Ticking Hats