A public space in the making.

Yawn means time for a drink

firstite, gallery on Short Wyre Street


Some from the group met to test a new set of "timers" et the firstite galley in Short Wyre Street. The fluxus like list of ad hoc performances includes:

A yawn means "time for a drink".

Sneeze means "all sneeze together".

The receptionist gets up means "all clap".

Freya puts a hat on means "ignore it".

Other time-setting sayings were collected in different categories:

Loose time

Loosing track of time

Piano piano

Elasticated moments

Lazy Sunday afternoon close my eyes and drift away

One day at a time

At a snails pace

All the time in the world to spare

Boggle you mind

Going off on a tangent

Quick Time

In a wink of an eye

Like a bat out of hell

In a flash

In a jiffy

Make it snappy

Chip Chop

In two shakes of a lambs tale

I blink every 4 seconds

Long time

‘Till the cows come home

‘Till black turns to white

I have measured out my live in coffee spoons

Talk until your blue in the face

Talk the hind legs of a donkey

Leave it with me …

Local time

When the clock strikes three its time for tea

When the sun goes over the yard arm

One swallow does not make a summer

When you see the geese fly

When the boats come in

Market day

When the Strood is closed

When the bollard goes up in Short Wyre Street

Sunrise over the Jumbo

When the lights go on at William & Griffin

Saving time

Make hey while the sun shines

Time and tide awaits for no one

T shirts

What Time does the Light come on

Everything stops for tea

Time! ladies and gentlemen please

I blink every 4 seconds

In two shakes of a lambs tale

At a snails pace