A public space in the making.

Concluding first ideas at Xiu Quin Chen's house

Xiu Qin Chen's House


Based on our earlier work and conversations we made a series of 9 drawings each representing a direction the product could take. 

All Ideas were layed out on the table and then opened for a lively discussion.

Photo Booth and Lantern
Visitor to the Colchester Inn are invited to have their photo taken in a special photo both with varying backdrops or varying costumes. (Backdrops to be designed and decided on). A specially made lantern/light, which is the centre piece of the Colchester Inn will display a selection of the picture which will rotate regularly. (E.g. it could display participants in a specific meeting that took place in the room) In addition to the lantern all images can either form an extensive visitors book or become a part of a growing photo wall.

Chinese Knot Curtain
Based on the traditional Chinese knot we propose to develop our own knot which can easily be added together and has a feature at its centre. The centre piece of each knot could be a place to leave a message or a frame to hold an image, alternatively we could produce a number of different knots allowing each visitor to chose which kind they would like to add.
The individual knots can be put together to form and architectural component of the Colchester Inn (e.g. a screen or curtain). Depending on the number of knots available the piece might have to be taken down once it used all knots and started all over again (maybe in a different shape or place)

Chinese Knot Skirt

China to Essex Doll
A specially designed and dressed doll inspired by ‘the monkeys journey to the west', accompanied by a book listing the stories of group members about their journey that took them from China to live in Essex. The book could be drawn in Manga style. A wardrobe with different sets of clothes representing aspects of the journey and cultural influences.

Chinese Pick Nick

Colchester Inn Dish
Invent a new dish based on the Chinese food but tailor made for Essex. Along with the Dish we could publish a recipe book, create a plate or dish for the food and list the best places where to source the ingredients locally.
A cooking video could be made for the dish.

Tea World Wide
A specially designed tea table catering for many different tea customs collected from all over the world. Writing engraved on the table listing the customs and relevant quotes etc. or giving instructions. A shelve with a variety of teas, a selection of tea cups and pots collected from across the world representing the many different customs of enjoying a cup of tea. Some of the cups could be specially designed by the group. A map visualising and referencing all entries and visitors who enjoyed tea in the Colchester Inn.

We quickly edited them down to 5 ideas which seem to capture the ambitions and ideas we have been concerned with all along. Next step is to filter it down even more to a single clear direction which then can be prototyped.