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Design meeting with Angelika Seeschaaf from eeaa

eeaa studio


Europa Chan Dawson produced a second prototype for us, knotted around a disc cut out of MDF to give strength to the knot when several of those modules are hung together to form a curtain.

Equipped with Europa's second prototype we met with product designer Angelika Seeschaaf from eeaa and asked her to cast an eye on the prototype to give us some feedback from a professional product designers point of view.

We need between 200 or 300 of the knotted modules and started to look into the best way to produceing them. Though knotting each of those could be an option we feel it would benefit the product if we translate it into another material which will move it away from a possible craft aesthetic and would help to introduce surprising twist into the piece.

Chao-Mi's comment from one of her emails came to mind in which she proposed to break the knot up into smaller pieces and try another approach. Angelika had a similar idea of separating the frame from the knots. In fact producing two elements, one a linking element and the other the frame that also acts as the supporting structure. We are currently exploring to cast the knot elements in a


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