A public space in the making.

Pub Ghosts


We meet up with Glynis from the Individual's Group to discuss the third version of a Public Tea Party.
It's all clear and straight forward and she willl make some more dampers and scones in our new clay oven.
Chatting away, it turns out that her new partner gives pub ghosts tours in Colchester.
That's the kind of great coincidence which are the glue in many of the links in our projects.

His name is Derek Wray, and he has been doing these tours for 14 years.
Initially he and a friend wanted to do a tour on social history, and clearly be different from the official town tours. When he started talking to people, and staff in pubs, many of them seemed to have ghosts stories many more than expected. So the stories turned into a tour with a historical backbone.

We are to hear about Alice Catherine Miller, a chamber maid, who worked at the Red Lion, and was murdered by on of the clients there who got her pregnant.
That was in 1465.
The secret door to her tiny chamber in the attic can still be seen from the grand hall on the first floor. Staff recently reported that the chandeliers were waving and a pile of plates crashed on the floor. We all try to feel the bit of cold air beneath her bedroom.
It was clearly there.