A public space in the making.

Bumping into Harry


We bump into Harry in front of fistsite. Since his skating shop in the centre of town has closed down, and his mobile didn t work anymore, we couldn't get in contact. And Harry is a key person in the local skater scene, also involved in the political discussion about skating in public space.

It was the first sunny spring-like day, and we had a quick chat.
Harry is keen on the idea to demonstrate and explain more what skate culture is to a general public.
A 20 minute demo for when the Colchester Inn will be in fistsite later in March is not a problem.
He is also suggesting to make some bespoke ramps.

He mentions his new space, RampRage, an indoor skating place, and Matilde and I go there for a visit.
On the way we ask someone for directiosn to the skatepark, and their answer is: "Skatepark? Oh, that's at fististe, it is just up the road".