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Laser Cut prototype number one

Blueprint model shop


From Europa's prototypes we understood that it will be very difficult for us to produce the knots ourselves and get a good enough quality and big enough quantity. We shied away from getting the knot produced in china which might have been an option but we wanted the production to stay as close to Colchester as possible. We also like the idea of transferring the knot into a different and unexpected material and move away from the typical knotted aesthetic.

Initially we explored casting the knot in a plastic material but very quickly realised that for the small amount of items required this will become much too expensive and too complicated a process.

In the end we decided on cutting the knot-frame out of a sheet material with a laser cutting process. Working closely with the design developed with Europa we arrived at a simple frame with a back that helps support the photograph.

We used a laser cutting company close to our studio in east London called the Blueprint model shop, which incidentally is run by a group of Chinese women all of whom got really excited by the piece and it cause a lot of talk. I was quite happy that they instantly recognised the key references.