A public space in the making.

Pop-up chocolate bar

outside firstsite


First event, the free pop-up chocolate bar, has intrigued users of the public space around firstsite.

What is hosting? Who do you welcome? That's the questions we wanted to ask the different groups of youth who are using and public space in front of firstsite on a daily basis. Skaters, heavy-metal lovers, scene-kids, bmxrs, hard-core kids, street dancers...  Hot chocolate with fancy marshmallow bits was prepared by Matt from the Bike Guru's Cafe and Cycle Workshop . The music and mapping projection onto the former buss tation was by Buffalo Jonny from Buffalo Tank and Sam Bear.

It was a busy afternoon. As any afternoon during the winter months when the skaters and bikers move from the more muddy and dark Castle Park to the newly openened fisrtsite "plaza". The feedback we got was lees in relation to how they welcome others into their group - it seems like a fairly fluid process of shaping and reshaping - but their feelings about the general public. Many mentioned that they would very much like to welcome the genral public to get a better understanding of what they are doing and what their culture is. The skaters in particular were very articulate about their ethics, inclusive attitude and trans-generational nature. They see themselves as a very friendly and respecting community, and don't like the fact that large parts of the population see them as nuissance.